Royal Somló Visszatér Szingapúrba

Monday, 19th November saw Royal Somló Vineyards returning to Singapore for a vertical tasting of Juhfark. Over a dozen wine professionals, journalists and connoisseurs assembled at Taberna Wine Academy to start the week with tasting three vintage in a row.
2007 is a cellar reserve and library collection item, because there is precious little left and we have plans to keep going for another 15 years at least. A richly honeyed profile with plenty of ripe apricot and apple peals along with the hallmark of high acidity made this vintage stand out. 2009 is the currently marketed wine and it was savoured with great pleasure by the discerning group in Singapore too. It has a brilliant shine of ripeness, refreshing acidity and superb minerality. 2011 is a baby, but it is nicely maturing in bottle waiting to be ready for release. Nice prickly acidity with opulently young fruits and a real depth of mineral backbone; a real promise in the making.
It is also our pleasure that soon Royal Somló J 2009 will be in the Singapore market for the enjoyment of the local fine wine and dining scene. Details to follow.